Welcome to Phantom Network!

About Us:

Phantom Network is a smaller minecraft community primarily focused on Modded Minecraft, and is soon to expand into vanilla minecraft. Founded by ghost_s1 in late December 2022, it was created as a hobby project. This network aims at keeping things player focused, and as such, actively encourages players in the community to suggest any potential changes in the discord #make-a-suggestion channel. We also prefer not to lock players to a specific play style, and as such, try to keep banned items minimal. As a general rule, the only things we would ban are cheap / easy griefing methods, extremely laggy items (particularly if they have less laggy alternatives that can do the same thing at a comparable speed), or items that will flat out crash the server nearly instantly. As like any network, the servers on the network cost a decent bit per month to run, and as such we host a server store which allows you to buy ranks and kits. We understand the hatred for “pay to win” style servers, so we try to keep any kits reasonably obtainable within 1-2 weeks of gameplay by a hardcore player. Essentially, kits will contain either mostly cosmetic / useless but fun items, or items that ghost_s1 could obtain in 1-2 weeks if he played from scratch. We are always open to suggestions to tweak the kits, though we prefer to keep the kits containing no more than 27 unique items (aka the size of a single chest) to make sure they don't get out of hand.